ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 Shoe for Zumba Workout

We know that Zumba requires lots of foot movement, which is why having the right pair of shoes is so important. Zumba uses a combination of different dances moves, with an emphasis on Latin American rhythms, which means you need to be able to keep up with the fast paced tempos. To help you keep up, you need an athletic shoe that is flexible and supportive and can also provide stability. ASICS has designed an athletic shoe that can do this and more, keep reading to discover all of the innovative features in these cross training shoes.

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These shoes are designed to be flexible and supportive. Both medial and lateral Velcro straps give the athletic shoes plenty of support and flexibility, which you need during a Zumba exercise class. To help you make all of the dance turns and get the most out of your workout, the outer sole features an innovative pivot point.

The EVA midsole is full length to give your feet added support and comfort on hard dance floors. Their lightweight design helps to prevent leg fatigue, while the breathable mesh liner not only keeps your feet dry, but also helps to prevent embarrassing foot odor.

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Pros and Cons

The synthetic construction is not only lightweight, but is also tough enough to withstand the hundreds of pivots, turns, and slides you’ll be doing in a Zumba class. The cross training shoes can form perfectly to fit your individual foot, and the front toe pivot point is exceptionally smooth and comfortable.

Not only do these athletic shoes slid well during Zumba workouts, they are also extremely comfortable and flexible. Other advantages to wearing the ASICS cross training shoes include the fact that rubber sole gives you exceptional stability, along with a perfect fit.

The downside to these athletic dance shoes is that while the thin sole is ideal for sliding and pivoting during Zumba exercises, it offers very little arch support. These shoes are not designed for women who suffer from a low arch or flat feet. An orthotic insert can be used, but it may cause problems with the shoes fit and flexibility.

Who Should Wear ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross Training Shoes

These cross training shoes by ASICS are ideal for women who are participating in a Zumba or any other dance exercise class. The low profile design makes them ideal for pivoting and sliding, which is also important during weightlifting.

These cross training shoes can easily go from dancing to lunges and squats, providing the same great flexibility and support that you need for either sport. They are stylish and comfortable, along with being lightweight. While the Zumba dance shoes are not designed for running, they can be used for paved trail walking.

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ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 cross training shoes are ideal for women who are in dance exercise classes, or who are participating in weight training. The flexible design makes it easy to move your foot, and the innovative front toe pivot makes it easy to keep up with all of the latest dance moves. Offering comfort and style, it is easy to see why these shoes are becoming popular in gyms and Zumba classes.

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