Zumba Fitness LLC Women’s Z Kick Originals Dance Sneaker

With over 100,000 registered Zumba classes offered worldwide, you will have no problem finding one in your neighborhood. Before you start dancing and exercising your way to a fit and healthy body, you will need the right athletic shoes. Zumba combines heart thumping rhythms with aerobic dance moves that will have you swinging your hips and bouncing on your feet. To stay comfortable and protect your ankles and foot arches you need a pair of athletic dance shoes that can give you the stability and protection to safely dance, slide, and pivot your way to a healthy body.

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With the increasing popularity of this exercise craze, it is little wonder that there are shoes designed especially for an aerobic dance workout. Keep reading to see how the Zumba Fitness LLC Women’s Z Kick Originals Dance Sneakers performed during an aerobic exercise class.

Zumba Fitness LLC Women’s Z Kickz Originals Dance Sneaker

The first thing that you will notice is the low profile design, which is ideal for pivots and turns. The sleek stylish design of these comfortable sneakers always looks great, while the durable synthetic construction lasts through hundreds of Zumba dance classes.

The rubber sole gives you the stability you need, while also providing only minimal traction. A pivot toe point makes it easy to turn, and will also help to take the pressure off of your hips. To help absorb impact shock these aerobic dance sneakers also include an EVA outer sole. The front lacing closure helps to provide additional support, while also ensuring a secure shoe fit.

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Add to this a breathable mesh liner that not only helps to keep your feet dry, but also odor free, and you have a long lasting and comfortable pair of Zumba sneakers.

Pros and Cons

The Zumba fitness sneakers feature a multicolor design that goes great with almost any gym outfit, and the lightweight design helps to prevent leg fatigue and cramps. The pivot point on the toe makes it easy to turn with the music, and can help to prevent hip and ankle injuries.

Adding to the shoes list of advantages is the small rubber grip that helps prevent sliding. The main pro to these fitness shoes is the fact that they are lightweight enough for aerobic dance classes, while still be able to offer the support that you need to help prevent injuries.

While the Zumba fitness shoes do offer some cushioning, women who have low or no foot arches should consider adding an orthotic insert. This can also help to ensure a better fit, since these dance shoes are not available in half sizes.

Who Should Wear Zumba Fitness Dance Sneakers

If you are new to the exercise craze known as Zumba, or are suffering from knee or hip pain these shoes can give you the support you need to help prevent further injuries. Their lightweight design makes the shoes ideal for a high intensity Zumba workout, and the fact that they can be worn with almost any exercise outfit is only an added bonus.

If you need a lightweight exercise shoe that offers minimal cushioning with plenty of support, we highly recommend that you give these shoes a chance.

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While the Zumba exercise shoes may only offer minimal cushioning, they are designed to withstand a high intensity aerobic workout. The design of the shoe works with your body’s movements, and can help to prevent hip and ankle injuries. If you need additional cushioning an insert can be easily added, and as an additional bonus the fitness sneakers also included extra pairs of fashionably colored laces.

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